5 Gadgets powered by AI that you never expected to exist.

As we roll into 2018, AI powered gadgets are everywhere. But what is being spoken about are the primary and intrinsic sectors such as Automotive, Healthcare and the Manufacturing industries. AI has moved beyond this, and has begun invading our homes, to expose the common man to technologies he never thought could ever come into existence!

Willow Breast Pump

Medical diagnostics and invasive surgery, with the help of the ‘DaVinci Robot’, are some of the triumphs for AI in the medical field. But amidst these triumphs, some question marks also arise.

One of these question marks is the new AI-powered breast pump that was created by Willow. The pump is placed on, and can be left unattended till it’s filled up. The pumping and monitoring of the gadget is done by a smart AI, and the developments can be viewed on an App in your smartphone.

The technology was created to help working mothers and business women feed their children even when they are not around, as the milk is collected and stored.

But psychologists argue that the ‘suckling’ action of the baby on a mother’s breasts creates a psychological bond that lasts a lifetime, and gadgets like these are taking it away and pushing forward to a more disconnected world.

The GeniCan

The best possible way to describe the ‘GeniCan’ would be to call it a ‘Smart Garbage Can’. This is an AI-assisted garbage can that monitors everything you throw into it, and uploads it on your digital shopping list.

This helps you keep a track of all your grocery items, and ensures you never forget to replenish your supplies.

The GyroGlove

One of the major strides this year is how AI will now provide relief to the 10 million people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The ‘GyroGlove’ is a device that contains two spinning discs (gyros) that starts rotating instantaneously when it detects incoming body tremors, in Parkinson’s patients.

This device is said to employ cutting edge aerospace technology and parts. Furthermore, a detailed case study has revealed that the device is said to reduce body movements due to the tremors, by 80%. This makes it one of the biggest advancements for technology in the healthcare field, for the year.

ARA – The intelligent toothbrush

They say the minute your toothbrush starts talking to you, it’s time to go to sleep. But ‘Ara’ will put that notion to rest.

The toothbrush was designed as the first intelligent toothbrush that works on a smart neural network. It records all your data when you brush and keeps a track of the frequency and modulation of your brushing strokes, as well as areas that haven’t been covered enough. The toothbrush is synced to a mobile app to deliver insights on your brushing habits. As an added feature, the AI will deliver tips on dental hygiene and recommend good dental practices.

The brush was invented by tech company ‘Kolibree’.


ObEN – The digital avatar

When we think of digital avatars, we probably remember Tupac Shakur’s hologram at a live concert years after his death or the 3D rendered images for social networking.

AI tech startup company ‘ObEN’ has created a Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) that creates, with speed and precision’ a 3D avatar of yourself that looks and talks just like you. The avatar is also capable of performing a number of useful tasks.

The company envisioned the product to humanize the concept of ‘presence’, which would serve the purpose of providing comfort to families when children and family members are away for a long duration of time.

Nikhil Jain and Adam Zheng (Other Co-Founder of ObEN) will be present at the upcoming World AI Show, which is taking place on 11 – 12 April 2018 at The Address Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.

Products like ObEN’s PAI and other unseen innovations will be on display at the show.

To learn more about the show, visit the page: https://dubai2018.worldaishow.com/#home

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